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Invigorating Vancouver’s downtown core through public art.

Explore five custom murals painted by talented Vancouver artists creating a community hub for vibrant public art. 

In 2020, we partnered with Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) to commission five murals across the Bentall Centre campus to reimagine public art in the downtown financial district. VMF is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to artistic and cultural development in Vancouver by connecting people through art.

“Dreamweaver” by Lauren Brevner and James Harry showcases a vibrant Salish art design, and “The Starry Night” by Kari Kristensen features a west-coast landscape made entirely of dots. At Bentall Centre, there’s always an opportunity to experience rich art and culture with a deep connection to the community. Visitors are invited to engage in a self-guided tour of the murals around the property and throughout the downtown core via the Vancouver Mural Festival mobile app where they can learn more about the murals and artists behind the artwork.