january, 2023

23 janmon17 febfriLunar New Year at Bentall CentreSeasonal Event(All Day) Retail Concourse, 595 Burrard St - Concourse #311

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Year of the Water Rabbit


Visit the Bentall Centre Concourse from January 23 to February 17 to enjoy the festive Lunar New Year wall and make a wish on the wishing tree.

On January 26 starting at 12:00 p.m., lookout for the traditional Lion Dance happening at the Centre. It will make its way to multiple shops and businesses inside the Bentall Centre concourse.


Celebrated globally in different countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and more. Lunar New Year is one of the biggest festival in the world that celebrates new beginnings. This year marks the Year of the Water Rabbit which symbolizes longevity, peace, and joy. In Chinese culture, the rabbit is known for being the most gentle and kind.

During the Lunar New Year, families and friends come together to celebrate with feasts, gifts, and traditional activities such as lion dances. Red is considered a lucky color and is often worn and used to decorate homes and businesses.

One tradition that is popular during the Lunar New Year celebration is the wishing tree. Wishing trees are usually branches or trees that are adorned with red ribbons or envelopes, on which people write their wishes or blessing for the new year. These wishes can be for personal goals, or for the well-being and happiness of loved ones.

Lunar New Year is a joyous and meaningful holiday that brings people together to celebrate the start of a new year and all the possibilities it holds.


January 23 (Monday) - February 17 (Friday)


Retail Concourse

595 Burrard St - Concourse #311

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